STRENGTH: 1st (11 pts)

WARFARE: 1st (11 pts)

PSYCHE: 4th (11 pts)

ENDURANCE: 3rd (11 pts)

Terrance is all about turning it “Up to eleven”. He is easy-going but not frivolous.


Terrance is the son of Fiona. Fiona would visit him periodically & they have a close relationship. He is in his 30s. Terrance was raised in Shadow by a foster family. He has never met his real father & does not know who he is. He had a happy childhood & loves his foster family deeply. He knew he was Fiona’s son but did not know about Amber & what being an Amberite meant till Fiona brought to Amber when he was 25 & he walked the pattern. He was always gifted at sports & games. He excelled at everything he did. He was simply “The Most Interesting Man in the World” wherever he went. He gets along with just about everyone.


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