Laconic and mellow beach bum


Ray is tall, lean, dark-eyed, and tanned from his time on the sea. He has the greenish hair of Rebma, which he keep trimmed short. He favors the colors blue and white. His preferred weapon is a cutlass (from his days in Amber’s navy), and his symbol –which he wears on the rare occasions he is seen in court dress (naval uniform)– is a gull. He typically is dressed for the sea or the beach.


Son of Llewella and a nobleman of Rebma. He was raised and first walked the Pattern in Rebma.

Ray is somewhat removed from court intrigue as he is seldom in Amber. He is not an ambitious person, but is loyal to his friends. His manner is relaxed, but polite. As far as anyone knows he bears no one any particular malice, though he sometimes gently jests at his kin’s expense.

He loves the sea and sailing. Whatever shadow he travels to, he is likely to be found near water. Usually either sailing, fishing, or beach-combing. He sometimes takes a skiff from the port in Amber and takes long voyages by himself.

Of the elders, he knows Gerard (he taught him sailing) and Vialle best (she is a distant cousin from Rebma, as well as an aunt by her marriage to Random).


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