Strength Amber rank
Endurance 10 Ranked 4th
Warfare Amber rank
Psyche 30 Ranked 1st


Hair the color of a sunrise and eyes the color of the slate clothing she favors, Nexa was brought to Amber at a young age by her father, Julian. Her mother, distantly related to Clarissa’s family, occasionally travels to Amber but prefers her own estates.

Nexa prefers Amber, with its high libraries and close proximity to the Pattern. Her walks into Shadow to test her power over them often coincide with her uncles’ or cousins’ sudden enthusiasms to teach her warcraft, woodcraft, or animal handling. She is often abstracted, which her father puts down to her mother’s fey relatives. She can, however, channel the Pattern with clarity, and occasionally intuits facts no one thought she was paying attention to.


The Sky is Falling gairim