Slight, foppish, and always cheery, at least on the surface.


Locke’s Trump:
Locke trump
STRENGTH: 3rd (2 pts), tied with Auscencius
Locke can seem lazy. While fit, he has never bothered to build up big muscles, content with the incredible strength of his heritage.

WARFARE: 4th (3 pts)
Locke sometimes refers to himself as an “old campaigner” and seems to have had experience leading troops. As far as anyone knows, he has never raised nor led an entire army.

PSYCHE: 2nd (29 pts)
At his core, Locke has an unshakeable self-confidence. He admits to few peers in battles of will. His conversation is sprinkled with odd references and foreign words from a hundred cultures across Shadow, and he seems especially knowledgeable about strange alphabets, runes, and mystical symbols.

ENDURANCE: 5th (4 pts), tied with Raymond
It never bothers Locke to give up on something that’s just not working. He still knows that he’s among nature’s nobility, and has little need to prove it in protracted contests. Better to remain flexible and try something else.


Locke has black hair and a bushy black mustache, both lightly touched with silver. His eyes are a sparkling blue. Locke dresses in needlessly complex outfits of grey or brown, mimicking the style of some far-off Shadow culture and changing with the season. He always sports a shiny pin in the shape of a large beetle, black of shell with golden limbs.

When asked about his parentage, Locke puts off the questioner with a smile and an indirect response, such as, “Oh now, let’s not talk about family, it’s too, too dreary.” Clearly a grandchild of Oberon, he has walked the Pattern and spent many years traveling Shadow. No doubt many people in Amber, and all the elders, know his origins, but he prefers not to discuss it.

For a long time, Locke was only seen in Amber on rare occasions, such as high court ceremonies at which attendance was all but compulsory. Recently, he has evinced a desire to be at the center of things. He missed the latest banquet, busy on some errand, but rushed back to help investigate.


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