A lean wiry soldier who does not have alot to say but is always watching what is going on and seems to be waiting for something to happen.


Strength 10 Ranked 2nd
Endurance 19 Ranked 2nd
Warfare 10 Ranked 2nd
Psyche 5 Ranked 5th


Jorel stands 5’10” and weighs in at a lean and wiry 170 lbs. He has short blond hair, blue eyes and a noticeable scar on his left cheek where an opponent actually managed to strike him years ago. Sure he could easily make the scar disappear but he keeps it as a reminder of the honorable man he fought and eventually killed. He wears tailored utilitarian clothing in subdued shades of greens and blues. While attractive he does not seem to stand out in a crowd.

He has multiple scars from both blades and bullets elsewhere on his body which are not visible unless he is in a state of undress. In addition to the scars he sports a number of tattoos which are meaningful to him. Each one represents a particularly memorable conflict he participated in and these are also not visible unless he is shirtless. When he goes to war he carries sword, pistol, and rifle depending on whatever shadow world he decides on fighting. Needless to say he is quite capable of using any and all common weapons at his disposal.

Jorel is a grizzled war veteran and soldier of fortune. Jorel cares nothing for the machinations of the courts and gladly leaves that to those whom he feels are unworthy of the pursuit of battle. Jorel is currently in Amber between wars and is looking to see what chance, if any, there is of war breaking out here. If and or when he finds nothing interesting or exciting here he will go off to one of the shadow worlds and cause something to happen there.

When he is not fighting or looking to find a fight, Jorel can be found in the outdoors where he is an accomplished outdoorsman. He can and has disappeared into the wilds for months at a time coming back looking no worse for the wear.


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