The Sky is Falling

Log Entry 2: The Banquet

Log Entry 2: The Banquet

The players gathered in the great hall of Castle Amber for a banquet to honor Lord Rein as Amber’s poet laureate. Gérard, as acting head of state, presided in Random’s absence. (Random and Fiona are in the Courts of Chaos for high-level negotiations.) The now somewhat older nobleman was pleased by Gérard’s awkward tribute and even by Julian’s toast, which was complete with a snide jibe at Gérard. Flora was present and attentive, seated at Gérard’s left. Lord Rein, in the seat of honor at Gérard’s right, was also next to Queen Vialle. The players, as befit their rank as third-generation princes and princess of Amber, were seated together at what they referred to as the “kids’ table.” Auscencius and Locke were notably absent.

Crashing noises interrupted dinner. The whine of falling objects followed by terrible impacts caused Terrance, Raymond, and Dmitri to rush to the balcony, Nexa to rush to a window, and Jorel to sit quietly watching the hall. Those looking outside saw huge, irregular chunks of an unknown material crash to earth, causing destruction. Upon impact, the silvery material vanished. Gérard rushed off to see to the city’s external defenses, starting with the navy, leaving Julian in charge of the party (much to Julian’s annoyance).

From the balcony, Terrance summoned the image of the Pattern. He felt a disturbance, something not right, and saw some black sparks mingled with the usual blue-white sparks associated with the Pattern’s energy.

Julian quickly dismissed the guests with apologies. Vialle organized a rescue and repair effort by the Amber guards, assisted by Terrance and Dmitri. They learned from confused reports that small impacts had been happening at night for the past two weeks. Previously, they had been thought to be vandalism, but citizens now thought they might be smaller-scale versions of this big impact. There was much rubble and destruction, but all of it apparently from things broken by the impact. Nothing of the falling objects remained. Fortunately, all injuries to citizenry were minor. Lord Rein, feeling very happy from much revelry in his honor, tried to lead people in song.

Jorel went to bed.

Auscencius was exploring the impact area and the town on his own, unobserved by the others. He saw little of note from his viewpoint. Indeed, his observations matched those of others: Rubble and destruction, but all of it apparently from things broken by the impact. He proceeded into the city, where he was followed by some shady-looking guys, whom he evaded. He then lured a second, similar group to attack him, quickly retreated to a tavern doorway and screamed for help. He knocked one unconscious and fended off the other two until the guards arrived. At their approach, the two conscious assailants fled. The knocked-out guy was taken off to Amber’s dungeon. The guards asked repeatedly whether Auscencius had a woman with him, as they had heard screams. He brushed them off. Auscencius tried a Trump contact to “Uncle Gérard” and was quickly dismissed.

Nexa headed to the stables for a mount and galloped to the stairs atop Kolvir. She ascended to Tir-na Nog’th, the shadow of Amber in the clouds, to see whether it held any clue to the mysterious objects falling from the sky. While she climbed the steps, Raymond contacted her by Trump: “You’ll need a Trump out in case the moonlight fails.” Nexa, appreciating his point, kept the contact open as she travelled through the sky realm. She looked out from the great hall balcony in shadow to see much more extensive destruction than what she had observed in the real Amber. Nothing appeared to be the origin of the strange missiles. Moving to the throne room, she observed her uncle Random talking to Dworkin. Random became increasingly agitated as Dworkin shrugged. Before she could see the end of the interaction, Ray caught sight of the beginning of dawn and the dissolution of Tir-na Nog’th, and pulled her through to the foot of the stairs on top of Kolvir. Disturbed by what she’d seen of her uncle and apocryphal grandfather, she tried to contact Random by Trump but was blocked, either by Random’s choice or by the fact that the Courts of Chaos cannot easily be reached from Amber.

After assisting with the relief effort, Terrance went to the place of the Pattern below Amber. Summoning the image of the Pattern, he observed the same disturbance as before. He Trumped Dmitri down to join him. Dmitri, observing the same thing, awakened Jorel via his card. Terrance contacted Nexa for her knowledge of the Pattern. Nexa and Ray came through to him at the Pattern at the same time a newly-awakened Jorel came through to Dmitri. Nexa attuned to the Pattern and observed a disturbance, but it seemed weaker than what Terrance described. At Terrance’s suggestion, the group cooperated to reach his mother Fiona by Trump, interrupting delicate negotiations in the Courts of Chaos. As they’d hoped, she gave them the image of the Primal Pattern so that they could investigate it. She also warned them to be careful and to above all things avoid bleeding on the Pattern.



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